Tell Bay Leaders: Thank You for Standing Up for Clean Water and Keep Up the Fight!

© Garth Lenz/iLCPDuring what may be the most critical time in history for the Chesapeake, leaders from the Bay states have called with one voice for continued federal partnership in the Bay cleanup effort.

The governors who make up the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council took courageous, bipartisan action to lead the fight against the Trump Administration’s proposal to eliminate the Chesapeake Bay Program in the next fiscal year.

Send a message below, thanking your governor for his commitment to the Bay and urging him to keep up the fight for clean water. Our health, our economy, and our legacy depend on it.

This action is open to individuals in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and New York. Your voice will have the greatest impact if you write to your leaders in your own words. We have drafted a sample letter for you to get started. Just enter your zip code in the below box in order to edit and personalize that letter.

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