Sportsmen and -women: Take action now to protect Chesapeake Bay heritage, fish, and wildlife.

Schlyer for AA.pngSportsmen and -women are among the Chesapeake Bay’s most dedicated conservationists, deeply committed to clean water and healthy wildlife habitat.  Whatever the political affiliations, those commitments unite.  

Now, at a critical time in the restoration of the Chesapeake’s streams, creeks, rivers, and Bay, a new show of bipartisanship in the U.S. Senate  proves protecting clean water and habitat is an issue for all.  This group of senators, including Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) from the Chesapeake region, recently introduced the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act. 

The HELP for Wildlife Act not only restores critical funding for the federal Chesapeake Bay Program partnership, it extends investments in key programs that support public and private conservation efforts; connect the public to Chesapeake Bay landmarks; protect wetland habitats for the millions of waterfowl that winter in our region; and support locally-led fish conservation projects. 

This legislation can be the foundation on which we build the next seven years of Bay cleanup programs.  To show how much you care about these issues, please add your name to our petition right now. Show your support for the HELP for Wildlife Act and protect our Chesapeake Bay hunting and fishing heritage. 

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As a member of the Chesapeake Bay region's hunting and fishing community, I support the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act. This bill is critical to clean water, protection of wildlife habitat, support for local conservation efforts, and promotion of public access. Please protect our Chesapeake Bay hunting and fishing heritage.

Thank you.

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