Make Clean Water A Priority in Virginia's Gubernatorial Race!

Photo by Bill Portlock/CBF StaffWith federal support for Chesapeake Bay restoration at risk, Virginia’s next Governor will need to commit to funding critical actions needed to maintain momentum towards a restored Chesapeake Bay by 2025. To ensure that the health of Virginia’s waters is a priority  for the candidates, they need to hear from you.

We’re seeing signs that the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, the federal-state partnership to reduce pollution to our waterways, is working. The actions of the Commonwealth’s next governor could determine whether Virginia stays on track in restoring its rivers, streams, and the Bay.

Sign our petition today. Tell Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates that clean water is a priority for you—and you want to see evidence that it’s their priority, too.

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Photo by Bill Portlock/CBF Staff

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Imagine native brook trout swimming in cool headwater streams; tidal waters brimming with crabs, striped bass, and healthy oyster reefs; and water so clear you can see miles of undulating underwater grasses. With the right policies, this vision can become a reality.

As a Virginian who cares about clean water, I ask that in your candidacy for governor you develop a policy platform that aims to help the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia's rivers and streams thrive. Virginians like me want elected leaders who work to reduce pollution, restore oysters, crabs, and other iconic fisheries, and strengthen communities through water restoration projects.

As you proceed with your campaign, please prioritize clean water and work to inform Virginians about how you will address these issues. If elected, please support policies that strengthen efforts to implement the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint and help secure the Commonwealth's clean water future.

Thank you.