Tell MD Legislators: More Trees, Please!

clearcutting 270x180We love trees—they provide food and shelter for wildlife, filter pollution, provide cleaner air and cooler summer temperatures, increase property values, and reduce polluted runoff. But developers in Maryland are clearing forests at an unsustainable rate.

Maryland's Forest Conservation Act (FCA) is supposed to protect forests from overdevelopment. But the Forest Conservation Act needs dramatic improvement. The law has slowed forest clearance during some development, but in areas where development pressure is intense and forests are considerable, builders have cut down more than 40 percent of the forests, on average. Few, if any, acres are replanted.

Use the form below to tell your county and state legislators how valuable trees are to our environment, economy, and way of life. Tell them we need more trees and ask them to update the Forest Conservation Act to protect our most ecologically valuable forests.

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