Tell Maryland Department of the Environment: Hold Exelon Accountable!

Conowingo Dam 270x180The Susquehanna River is the main faucet that fills the Chesapeake Bay. For decades, the Conowingo Dam trapped much of the pollution from the river before it reached the Bay.

But now the pool behind the dam has filled up and pollution is spilling through after storms, degrading water quality downstream and in the Chesapeake Bay. Those who pollute the Susquehanna upstream are largely responsible for this problem. But the dam itself bears some responsibility. 

Exelon, the owner of the dam, says it can only contribute $200,000 to reduce its share of pollution making its way through the dam. But a new analysis of the company's finances shows Exelon can provide substantially more—$27 million to $44 million a year.

Exelon is asking for a new license to operate the dam for 46 years, and Maryland is seeking public comment on this request and its impact on water quality in the state.

The public comment period ends on January 15, 2018. Join the Chesapeake Bay Foundation—which has fought for the Bay and its rivers and streams for more than 50 years—in demanding that Exelon be held accountable for its fair share of the pollution problem. Our health, economy, and Bay depend on it.

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Hold Exelon Accountable!

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