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Air pollution from upwind power plants is harming both public health in Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. On hot and sunny days, ground-level ozone caused from this air pollution can trigger health problems such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and headaches. This air pollution also contributes to excess nitrogen pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries which leads to algae blooms and dead zones where no aquatic life can survive.

These 19 power plants have pollution control measures in place, but they don't always fully operate them or turn them on—even during hot summer days when ozone is a real problem. This may be because the plants can save money by not running the controls.

The Maryland Department of Environment petitioned the EPA to require these power plants to turn on their pollution controls every day of the ozone season (generally May through September). But in June EPA announced that it planned to deny Maryland's Petition. EPA should grant Maryland's Petition to ensure the upwind plants do what is right—and required—under the federal Clean Air Act. They need to hear from you before the July 23 public comment deadline.

Clean air is critical to both the health of the Chesapeake Bay and the most vulnerable among us. Take action now—before the July 23 deadline—to urge the EPA to grant Maryland's Petition!

Maximize your impact by editing the letter, explaining why clean, healthy air and water are important to you, and expressing your position on the need for these upwind power plants to turn on their pollution controls.

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Photo: Paradise Fossil Plant in western Kentucky is one of 19 power plants that are polluting Maryland's air by not fully operating pollution controls. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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