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hellbender-550Eastern hellbenders, the largest salamanders in North America, are vanishing from Pennsylvania waters because the cold, clear, swift-running waters they need to survive, are polluted.

A group of student leaders are working to change that.

After studying Eastern hellbenders and meeting with legislators, CBF's Student Leadership Council wrote Senate Bill 658 to designate the salamander as Pennsylvania's official state amphibian.

These young leaders have done their due diligence to highlight the critter's place in the continued fight for clean water. But the job is only half done. The hellbender bill was passed by the Senate, but it needs your support in the State House.

Take action now to urge your state representative to support Senate Bill 658 to save the Eastern hellbender and send a clear message that clean water counts in Pennsylvania.

Your voice will have the greatest impact if you write to your representatives in your own words, describing your support for the hellbender and clean water in your community. We have drafted a sample letter for you to get started.

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Photo by Neil Ever Osborne/iLCP.

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Please Support Senate Bill 658!



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