Maryland Rod & Reef Slam

Saturday, September 21, 2019
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Maryland's Eastern Shore

Sponsored by CBF, Coastal Conservation League Maryland Chapter, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources


We're celebrating the beginning of a turn for the better in the Chesapeake’s fish and crab habitat. Oyster restoration is beginning to make a difference and it can be seen in the return of healthy populations of popular reef fish.

We want to celebrate this return, keep it growing, and give Maryland Department of Natural Resources some data on recreational fishing opportunities around these restoration projects. Join us for a tournament that focuses on six restoration reef areas:

  • MARI Tilghman Island Reef just outside Knapps Narrows,
  • Clint Waters Reef at Cooks Point,
  • Harris Creek, Tred Avon, and Little Choptank oyster sanctuaries,
  • and the reef balls at the Bill Burton Fishing Pier.

Multiple partners have worked together to build these reefs, including the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, Coastal Conservation Association Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and the the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

This tournament is a little different. You don't win just by catching the biggest fish. Prizes will be awarded for how many species you catch, and then how big your fish are. We’re celebrating variety, and the return of some of these great reef species that we’ve been missing. Past angler surveys have shown as many as 12 different species being caught in one day at the Clint Waters Reef at Cooks Point. How many can you catch? Come join us!


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