Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Team Registration: Schools, families, companies, localities, individual groups, or communities are encouraged to create a team to help clean up their portion of the Chesapeake Bay's watershed. Team litter cleanups will be conducted separately, and their litter pounds will be aggregated in the teams' dashboards.
  • Individual Registration: Individuals are encouraged to register as a single participant.
  • If your family consists of small children that do not have an email address and would not be able to log their own data, register as an individual.
  • If your family consists of older kids that have their own email, and want to log their own data, register as a team.

If you have participated in other events with CBF or made donations, you likely already have an account with us. Try resetting your username or password. Do not hesitate to reach out to for help.

There are multiple ways to invite people to join your team:

  • Send them a link to your Team Page and advise them to select "Join Team".
  • Or, go to the Email tab in your Participant Center. From there you can invite members via email. Simply select a template email provided by CBF or draft your own.

Yes, log in to your Participant Center and scroll to the second half of the page. You will notice there are two tabs, a "Me" tab and a "My Team" tab. To edit the text on these pages, select "Edit Content" to edit images, select "Update Media." Note: Only team captains can edit the team page.

Yes. A Team Captain can update the Team Name at any time. Simply log into the Participant Center, scroll down to the second half of the page and click the My Team tab. From there, select the "Team Name" button and make updates.

There is no minimum or maximum team size.

No, you can only register yourself for either one team or as an individual participant.

Cleanup Sites

Certain areas, such as state parks, are designated as clean-up sites for the main clean-up event held on June 3 .

Otherwise, if you have permission to be on the site, are taking the proper safety precautions, and disposing of the trash yourself clean away!

Yes. You will need to bring gloves and trash bags with you to do the clean-up.

Trash will need to be disposed of in your personal receptacle.

Use this chart and your best estimate to determine your litter cleanup weight.

Data Reporting

The data collection form will be available to all registered participants at the start of the DIY event on June 4. Please submit your data by Monday June 12th.

Because your data reporting link is personalized it will only be accessible through your Participant Center.

No. Each registered participant will have their own personalized data reporting link which should not be shared.

Not to worry! Just shoot an email, and the Clean the Bay Day team will get the numbers adjusted.

Your team page, individual participant page, and your participant center will have links to customized dashboards that show your team and individual totals. The Clean the Bay Day homepage will have a link to an overall dashboard showing totals for all participants.

Absolutely! We want to see all the amazing work you are doing to help clean the Bay. After submitting your data, you will see a thank you page that will prompt you to share your photos and videos of your Clean the Bay Your Way activity on a variety social media platforms.

Also feel free to share the links to your team and individual participant pages and dashboards on your social media channels. Be sure to use the #CleanTheBayDay hashtag when you post on social media.

Additional FAQs

Yes! Login to your Participant Center and scroll down until you see the Facebook Fundraiser box and select Connect to Facebook Fundraiser.

Your support will go toward our education, restoration, and advocacy efforts critical to saving the Bay. For more information on CBF and how we will accomplish this goal, please visit Our Mission web page.

We offer a bunch of different ways to Save the Bay! Bay savers from across the world have supported us by volunteering, becoming a member, attending CBF events, joining our Nellie Semans Society, taking advocacy actions, and more! Visit our website for more information.

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