Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

If you participated previously, you can use the same username and password to register this year. Doing this will pull over your profile and contact list from last year. All you will need to do is make a few updates to your page.

If you forgot your information, please reach out to for help.

If you have participated in other events with CBF or made donations, you likely already have an account with us. Try resetting your username or password. Do not hesitate to reach out to for help.

There are a multiple ways to invite people to join your team:

  • Send them a link to your Team Page and advise them to select "Join Team".
  • Or, go to the Email tab in your Participant Center. From there you can invite members via email. Simply select a template email provided by CBF or draft your own.

Yes, log in to your Participant Center and scroll to the second half of the page. You will notice there are two tabs, a Me tab and a My Team tab. To edit the text on these pages, select "Edit Content" to edit images, select "Update Media."

Yes, a Team Captain can update the Team Name at any time. Simply log into the Participant Center, scroll down to the second half of the page and click the My Team tab. From there select the "Team Name" button and make updates.

There is no minimum or maximum team size. The average team size is 7-10 people.

Login to your Participant Center and scroll down until you see the Facebook Fundraiser box and select Connect to Facebook Fundraiser.

Hitting Your Miles

It doesn't matter where you live and walk, every step counts. We would love to see participants join us from across the world!

Whether you walk, run, bike, skip, or jump—your miles count! The important thing is that you are getting outside and focusing on building heathy habits.

Participants can walk anywhere they would like. Routes do not need to be within the watershed. The goal is to walk (run, bike, etc.) in your community to get outside and be active. Miles walked along Virginia's Eastern shore, Maryland's Billy Goat Trail, or the coast of California all count! (If walking outside your local community in a local, state, or national park or beach, please check the location's COVID-19 status and abide by any rules first.)

Each participant has access to the CBF Mile Tracker in their Participant Center. You can enter your miles as frequently as you would like, either daily or weekly. Each participant's miles will automatically be added to their team's miles. The CBF Mile Tracker makes it easy to see both your individual progress and team progress.

Use a health app on your phone or smart watch to keep track of the miles walked that day. You can also track your miles with On the Go Map.

If you don't hit your walking goal, no worries! These goals are meant to help us work towards something together and focus on our health. As long as you are getting outside and experiencing the restorative powers of nature you are doing your part.

Hitting Your Fundraising Goal

You have until May 15, 2021 to hit your fundraising goals.

Individuals who raise $150 will be eligible for a CBF Walk the Watershed t-shirt or tank. Once you hit your goal, we will send your shirt to the address provided during registration. If you would like to change your address, shirt style, or size please reach out to prior to hitting your $150 goal.

Note: If you'd like to support even more Bay-saving programs, you can choose to donate the value of your t-shirt back to CBF.

Yes, all donations are 100% tax deductible. Electronic acknowledgments are automatically sent to supporters once a donation is received.

We recommend that all payments be made through the donation link on your personal page. There are options to pay with a credit card, checking account, and PayPal.

If someone does prefer to pay by check, please ask that the check is made out to Chesapeake Bay Foundation and includes a note with your team name so we can properly link it to your fundraising. Checks can be mailed to:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Attn: Walk the Watershed
6 Herndon Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21403

Yes, offline donations received by May 15th, 2021, will be added to your fundraising total. Please allow a few days for us to process the donation once it is received.

Additional FAQs

Every dollar raised goes directly towards saving the Bay. For more information on CBF and how we will accomplish this goal, please visit Our Mission web page.

We offer a bunch of different ways to Save the Bay! Bay-savers from across the world have supported us by volunteering, becoming a member, attending CBF events, joining our Nellie Semans Society, taking advocacy actions, and more! Visit our website for more information.

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