Walk the Watershed

Walking the Watershed with Scout

Hi Friends and Family!

Welcome to my Chesapeake Bay Foundation Walk the Watershed page. That's right, the new puppy, Scout, my big sister, Jessica, and myself are all joining forces to walk the watershed--200 miles in total from May 7 - June 30th. And believe me, Scout is going to need every day she can get--her little legs can only go so far!

Many of you know that for me being able to get outside and go for a walk, hike, or run is my happy place. If I'm having a bad day or week, I ask myself when was the last time you got outside. During these unprecedented times, two things remain important to me: maintaining my personal health and supporting the CBF mission to save the Bay.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to raise awareness and vital funding for CBF and their mission to save the Bay.  They work to improve the wellbeing of the 18 million people and 3,600 species of plants and animals throughout the watershed. I hope you will support these efforts by donating to our team page or by joining our team--Walking the Watershed with Scout!

Every gift makes a difference!

  •     $25 can plant five native trees as a streamside buffer.
  •     $50 can grow 5,000 native oysters.
  •     $140 can send two students for a day of learning in and around the Bay.
  •     $500 can build 10 reef balls which are effective and safe artificial homes for oysters.

I hope you will join our efforts by donating to our page or joining our team! If you join our team, I hope you will help us walk (run, bike, skip, or jump) a combined 200 miles and help raise vital funding for CBF. 

Thank you and Walk On!


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