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Eastern Hellyea Benders

Welcome to our Chesapeake Bay Foundation Walk the Watershed page. During these uncertain times, we have made a pledge to focus on our personal health and the health of the Pennsylvania's rivers and streams, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Together our team will walk a combined 689 miles – the approximate length of the Susquehanna River mainstem, North Branch and West Branch. We will spread the Save the Bay message every step of the way!

CBF's mission is to save the Bay and keep it saved. They are the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Bay. Every dollar raised through our fundraising will go directly towards their education and restoration efforts throughout the watershed.

CBF is funded mostly by individual donors like you and me. Donations large and small help support CBF's on-the-water field experiences for students and teachers, tree plantings, oyster restoration, advocacy for stronger laws protecting the Bay, and litigation against polluters when necessary.

I hope you will join our efforts by donating to our page or joining our team! If you join our team, I hope you will help us walk (run, bike, skip, or jump) a combined 200 miles and help raise vital funding for CBF. 

Every gift makes a difference!

  •     $25 can plant five native trees as a streamside buffer.
  •     $50 can grow 5,000 native oysters.
  •     $140 can send two students for a day of learning in and around the Bay.
  •     $500 can build 10 reef balls which are effective and safe artificial homes for oysters.

Please donate on our page today and help us meet our fundraising goal and help CBF Save the Bay!

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